Submitting or contributing to a bug report [Solved]


Would like to add some observations to but when I try to login with the creds I use on the forum I get "That user doesn't exist on this Flyspray installation". Is the bug tracker a separate system with different accounts or do you have to be a dev or attained some other status in order to contribute.

I've nothing earth shattering to add just observations with the current RC2 which seem to be the same bug.

Feel free to point me at the guidance I haven't read but have tried to find. Honest! :slight_smile:


OK. Cheers. Have signed up.

Sorry to bring this thread up again but looks like my question is quite the same.

I want to write an observation in bug ID 2748 and I have already registered in bug tracker, or better, I used my github account.

My question is if I can to reply to this bug with a possible workaround that worked in my case. If so, how is that done? I couldn't find any button to reply or so. Only buttons to add new subtasks, request closure, etc. Nothing to post a reply or so!

  1. login (e.g. via github)
  2. go to #2748
  3. scroll down
  4. comment
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Ohhh. Really? This is so perfectly (or so wrongly) done that I couldn't notice the vertical scroll bar or that the page was not ending where the monitor of my laptop ended.

Thank you.

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