Subdomain Preservation for Internal Server loopback

I am trying to setup an openwrt router to allow internal clients to access an internal server via it's external address (dyndns pointing back).
At first an RFC1918 was shown. After much configuration changes the RFC1918 error is no longer displayed when using the external link but now after configuring a port forward from the internal out to redirect back to the internal server, the base webpage for the server is shown.
This is not the expected behavior, configured on this server is reverse proxy to assign different subdomains to different running ports.
This proper behavior is seen when accessing the external link from an external device.

I'm not sure what or where the issue is and am needing some help.

Why not add the dyndns name to your local DNS, and have it point directly to the internal IP?

I have already set the base domain in Network>Hostnames and observed no change.
Changing that to one of the subdomains,it still hits the base server. (Which is an unraid one fyi, with a swag reverse proxy)

Is there any way to port forward in these hostnames?

Not sure those are actually used by the DNS.

And are you sure your clients use your DNS?

Disabled/blocked DoH and DoT?

I appreciate the assistance, and the chat. It made me realise something.

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