Sturggling with mikrotik ac2

Hi everyone...struggling a bit with mikrotik hap ac 2.
If I try to boot with tiny PXE i get:
DHCPd:ACK sent ip:,XID:94426CF3...
any ideas?
If I try another computer I don't even get to that point :frowning:


General advice for Mikrotik RouterBOOT net boot:

  • Use BOOTP (the default) instead of DHCP boot. There are many versions of RouterBOOT with broken DHCP boot.
    From RouterOS, the default settings look like:
    [admin@MikroTik-sfp] > /system routerboard settings print 
                   boot-device: nand-if-fail-then-ethernet
                 boot-protocol: bootp
    If you cannot change these settings, reset the RouterBOOT settings to default by holding in the reset button at boot according to the device manual.
  • Use the reset button (and watch the LEDs—device manual explains what they mean) to trigger netboot. This can be 30ish seconds of holding reset button, but this is how you need to recover if you break something.
  • Use tcpdump or wireshark to see what is happening between boot host and client.

I use dnsmasq (might need dnsmasq-full package on OpenWrt) for this, with --dhcp-host, --bootp-dynamic, and --dhcp-boot flags.

thanks for the reply.

[admin@MikroTik] > /system routerboard settings print

          auto-upgrade: no

           boot-device: nand-if-fail-then-ethernet

         cpu-frequency: 716MHz

         boot-protocol: bootp

           silent-boot: no

  protected-routerboot: disabled

  reformat-hold-button: 20s

reformat-hold-button-max: 10m

[admin@MikroTik] >

Looks ok?


it should be:

Sorry I am a bit slow here....
so I change from:

 boot-device: nand-if-fail-then-ethernet

(will google that).

And then I try again with tinypxe?

sorry, i am using linux so i am not familiar with tinypxe
the main point is that you need something which will respond to

  1. bootp request
  2. tftp request

on linux, it is "all in one" with dnsmasq

dnsmasq -i eth1 --dhcp-range=, \
--dhcp-boot=fw.bin --enable-tftp --tftp-root=/tmp -d -u root -p0 -K --log-dhcp --bootp-dynamic

this way, dnsmasq will assign IP for booting device and serve /tmp/fw.bin

Ok thanks, will give it a try on Linux.