Stunnel still show validation fail with ovpn client

Hi So i try to setup a fairly simple thing as Stunnel, but it look something is not right somewhere. It cannot connect properly to the provider, as it's always giving me : validation fail. (same setting do work with Pfsense.) I try to set : verify=2 or =0 in /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf, but still the same. I do have a proper working config to connect to my ovpn provider, on Tcp 1194 and just try setting up the stunnel on 443. When setting the ovpn config to : remote 1194 don't seem to be called by stunnel over : accept_host 'localhost' or host ''
As when i install stunnel package, it set the default priority as 90, same as openvpn.. I try to change it to 84, to start first. or even 95 to start later.. but still only get :
notice procd: etc/rd.d/S90stunnel : validation failed stunnel: No uci service section enabled or found

the setting i put into : /etc/config/stunnel
config service 'fistunl'
option enabled '1'
option client '1'
option accept_host 'localhost'
option accept_port '1194'
list connect ''
sslVersion = all
options = NO_SSLv3

Setting No_sslv2 or 3 or nothing at all don't do much.

thanks in advance for the missing part..