Stumped by wifi config for wifi repeater/extender

Hi everyone,
im somewhat new to openwrt and trying to set up a DLINK DAP-X1860.
It works fine with default firmware (i.e: it connects via wifi and exposes a "new" hotspot with same ssid and pw for clients to connect).

Im unable to get it to work with openwrt. Im somewhat knowledgeable in this so i honestly have no idea what to try to make this work.

Im working with a cable box from a national provider, which evidently does not support WDS as this guide does not end in a working configuration:

At the moment im trying to wrap my head around this variant:

Which leaves me even more stumped: When setting up the config as per Step 2. im not seeing the expected 2 configs (1 client, 1 AP/station) but only the station part. Where is the Device expected to know how to connect to the wifi as a client ? Is this a given, wenn selecting "sta" mode ?

If this is also not workable, i would probably need to try the relayd-route, which i was not fond of (
This will end up serving some speakers which need to conenct to a upnp media server so im unsure if using relayd will make this less reliable.

(Wiring the DAP to the router is unfortunately not an option)

Appreciate any advice!

The easier way is to use the LuCI webpage.

Login to the second router via LuCI. Connect the second router as a client (STA) from wireless settings page: click the scan button and look for the first router (your wifi AP) in the list then click on it and fill in the details.

Make sure the 2nd router has a different IP range assigned. They can't both be the same (ie. default

If this doesn't work, try factory resetting the 2nd router as you may have played with too many settings and it is easier to just start from a clean slate.

This procedure is for a regular AP-STA configuration. To repeat the original wifi network you would just create a new AP on the 2nd router with the same settings as the original.

To test WDS do the same thing but create a WDS AP on one router and a WDS client on the other one and follow the tut or documentation or someone else can advise as I don't have a lot of experience using WDS.

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The options with a regular AP are routed client, or relayd. The routed client can be extended to symmetric routing if the cable gateway allows you to install static routes. But it is best to look at cable modems strictly as a link to the Internet and not use them for routing or wifi.

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Sorry for getting back this late.

@frank92735 it cant be enough to just connect the DLink as a client to the main router right ? It must have some kind of hotspot configuration to send a signal out itself, no ?
I did a factory reset just to be sure, and its connecting as client just fine. But its not sending out wifi itself, which does not make sense. Im not trying to use this to bridge a gap and go wired, its just to extend wifi to the garden area, where the original router does not reach.

@mk24 routed client would mean im getting a second subnet which im honestly trying to avoid. Mainly so i dont have to worry about routing and stuff.
I was trying to get the relayd config working as mentioned in the wiki, but was unsuccessfull.

Honestly quite puzzled why this is such a seemingly hard thing to set up, when this is the exact scenario this specific device is made for. Its working with the original firmware too, but i would be keen to run OpenWRT to be more flexible.

Any idea which "type" of configuration might be running on stock firmware ? Is it comparable to the relayd-config ? It cant be routed, as its in the same subnet as the original router.

PS: I just retried setting it up with relayd, just following along this video (german) and its working now. Honestly cant tell what i did wrong the first time, nothing in the video seems out of order of what i did or whats mentioned in the wiki. I must have had a bad day when testing it previously.


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