Stuck on the makemenuconfig, trying to build a basic image with luci

Hi. I have a TL-WR841N V11 and just want to make a build that has the basics and LUCI. When I tried to install LUCI using opkg I kept getting out of space errors, despite that apparently I have 8 MB ram and should be able to install it.

I tried with just the essentials and it did the same errors.

There was apparently a build that has luci working that I found in the forums but it points to a dead website so I guess I have to do this.

I am going to try the route of building a custom image on my main computer with just the basics and luci, then flash it on the router, because that is apparently the only way to get luci.

I think I cloned the openwrt, anyway I have the openwrt folder in my /Downloads/ folder and have done the steps to install everything as outlined in the README.

  1. Run "./scripts/feeds update -a" to obtain all the latest package definitions
    defined in feeds.conf / feeds.conf.default

  2. Run "./scripts/feeds install -a" to install symlinks for all obtained
    packages into package/feeds/

Everything seems fine going through these steps.

But I am a stupid person and makemenuconfig has got me stuck. I don't understand any of this stuff on the screen and it is harrowingly complex looking.

Can I get an easy button for this? Which of the options in makemenuconfig have to be filled out?

I downloaded the luci folder as well, but where are the ipk files?

And what are all those fields for, like "build the openwrt image builder"... does that need to be checked or not? Too many advanced options I guess, but I can't tell the advanced options from the basic because I'm stupid.

How can I just make it work and build a base image with luci, that will work on my router?


I guess this means luci is included already? Which ones should I choose from this list? Screenshot_2020-02-04_12-38-19

Way too many options!




TL-WR841N v11 has 4MB flash and 32MB RAM.

See the following pages for more information:

Good luck!

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