Stuck on non working 23.05 with Asus RT-N18U, luci doesnt work, internet doesnt work, how to get back to 22.3.5?

Asus RT-N18U user here, the resetting doesnt work. Atftp method doesnt work somehow. I tried. I am trying scp but it requires openssh. How to do this? Does openwrt support any usb by default barebones? How to install 22.03.05 back?

Not necessarily...which OS do you use on the PC?
I do hope you were smart enough to keep a copy of the previous installed version of OpenWrt, as well as a backup of the configuration files.

If both is true, and you can still ping your router you just have to ssh into your router and copy both files to the /tmp directory. After this just run sysupgrade /tmp/[Thenameofyourfirmwarefile].

I fixed it by creating apache2 server on another pc on the same network as the router, than putting that trx file there and then wget (my PC's local IP address), and then sysupgrade openwrt.trx file. Damn it took me a while to figure this out.
How do you keep old trx files, not config files? Because there is a very spesific bug in 23.05 for my router, internet won't work at all. I jumped from 22.03. Are you saying that is it possible to keep 22.03 files in the router while flashing 23.05, so to go back if everything goes bad? Where is that file stored though? Please tell! Although I fixed it, I wanna know for future use.

Just for the record, use the -O option (big letter O) if you run into an old version of scp that complains about the router's (lack of) sftp server. (This shouldn't be needed once you get the router to 23.05.)

On your PC.

There are a few router around who can contain 2 different images (mostly stock firmware and OpenWrt), but in general it's not possible.
And if really 'everything goes bad', you'll either need to reset OpenWrt to default settings (because you tried to keep the old configuration which doesn't work with the new firmware) or you have to reflash it the hard way using tftp.

I think TFTP broke somehow on this router. It blinks way too slow like 20 seconds a blink. I got another router same as this, it's blinking much faster.

Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning that 23.05 would change something regarding the scp compatibility?

It is actually the new scp versions that require SFTP.

(Off-topic, but interesting still)

If I remember right (I don't :expressionless:), the openssh-ftp-server is now installed by default (so remote client scp -> OpenWrt doesn't need -O) and scp/busybox was updated (and the -O option no longer appears on it). Anyhow, I do remember that for about 6-8 months I was using -O on both directions, then all of a sudden it started working without it (in fact, giving errors when I did on some machines) and I had not done anything beyond just updating various hosts (both workstations and routers).

Right, the -O is a fallback to use the pre-SFTP server, hence "on old boxes that complain, try -O and see if that works".

It's not.

still needed, and will remain so for the foreseeable future - openssh-ftp-server is huge, unless dropbear learns about sftp natively, this isn't likely to change.


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