Stuck in boot loop after flashing the wrong firmware ArcherC6v2

Today I messed up. After installing the wrt firmware on my ArcherC6v2 EU router, i was able to run it on putty. I wanted to do sysupgrade with the sysupgrade.bin file. However I installed the factory.bin file on the openwrt page instead and flashed it using sysupgrade -F . The router then bricked (only showing the power LED when powered on).
I installed tftpd64 and boot the router in the recovery mode with the oldest stock firmware initially. While the log indicated that the file was loaded onto the router, it was stuck in a reboot loop ever since. I've tried the recovery with all versions of the stock firmware and the latest openwrt firmware but it's still stuck in the loop (in a cycle of about 20 sec).
I really don't wanna move towards the serial connection method as I am still new to all this and have no experience working with hardwares and soldering and I cant seem to find anybody who would do this kind of job in my country. Is there any other methods I can try in tftp? Please help

If tftp recovery doesn't work, serial's the next step.

Pretty sure that you flashed the wrong thing.

The device page mentiones that you can flash the OpenWrt factory image via tftp OR some older TP-Link firmare only found on their forum it seems:
So what did you flash?

I flashed all 3 of the TP-link firmware and the OpenWrt factory image already. Though I can only find the latest image for the OpenWrt factory firmware (22.03.4)..