Stuck creating vlans

so im having a bit of a hard time adding vlans to my network. i don't have any experience with networking but i like the idea of separating my computer from guest cell phones, etc... but when i try to follow along with the guides online, the trouble i run into comes when my screen differs from whatever is in the tutorial. for instance, i still have a 'switch' tab which everyone else seems not to have. also, when i go to network>interfaces>devices>add device configuration and choose 'vlan 802.1q', my options for base device seem to be way different than most. my options are 'bridge, br-lan' 'ethernet switch eth0' 'switch vlan eth0.1' and 'switch vlan eth0.2 wan' and everyone else seems to have lan 1, lan 2, lan 3 and lan 4 so im not sure if im connected wrong, if my wires are crossed, if something isn't being picked up or what but i think if someone could walk me through step by step, page by page creating a vlan then i know there wont be any mistakes but i know that makes me sound incredibly needy but im convinced there is something wrong w/ my network because i don't seem to have the same options as everyone else. i guess i should add that im using a netgear r6080 router with openwrt 21.02.3 and a 8-port tplink switch. i have followed along with marconefifty's videos about vlans, devodyssey's videos and junicast but either i'm missing a step somewhere or it isn't possible to create a vlan with my circumstances.

so if someone is willing to help me i would be greatly appreciative because im so stuck