Stubby broken during system upgrade

I just upgraded (linksys wrt3200) from release 18 to 19 and lost connectivity on reboot following the Luci invoked systemupgrade.

To setup stubby, I was also using iptables ipset extensions to redirect DNS requests to, which would then use stubby as a proxy DNS server (

I made sure all configuration files were properly identified before system upgrade, and indeed they were reinstalled as expected. However, the stubby and ipset packages are not default system packages, so DNS
failed after the upgrade process.

Is there a smoother way to system upgrade when using stubby, or
having iptables that require the ipset extension (or both :slight_smile: ?

Is there, perhaps, a way to include the stubby and ipset packages as part of the system image file?

Yes, there is.


@fantom-x The image builder certainly sounds like an option. I hadn't seen that before. Thank you for the link.

Alternatively, I am learning how to build from source and using the 'make menuconfig' feature to include stubby and kmod-ipset, etc. Kudos to the wiki
folk for writing up the how-to-build pages.

With a build form source you are looking at an hour or more. It only makes sense if you patch the code in any way, otherwise the generated mages will be identical.

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