Struggling with OpenWrt and Bintec rs353aw

I have a Bintec rs353aw modem/router on which I installed OpenWrt following the procedure on this Github page by @armSeb.

After the compiling was done I obtained two files: squashfs-boss-image.cev and initramfs-kernel.bin. On the Bintec web interface I upload the first one and flashed the device.

After the flash I logged in the router with SSH and discovered that it's a snapshot ( OpenWrt 22.03-SNAPSHOT, r19844-67238a3a83) without web interface. I tried to install luci with "opkg install luci" but I get this error "Cannot install package luci."

Where do I go from now? This is my first experience with OpenWrt. How can I compile a release version and upgrade from the snapshot to have the web interface?


Can you select the Luci package when building?

On which menu can I find the option? And when I compiled the image, how can I upload it to the router?

You compile release from release. You do this the same way you compiled the snapshot.

I would like to do exactly that, but I can't understand how to compile from release instead of the snapshot. My procedure for obtaining the OpenWRT was:

  1. git clone
  2. cd openwrt-22.03
  3. git checkout openwrt-22.03
  4. make menuconfig
  5. make

Then I uploaded the squashfs-boss-image to the Bintec web interface and flashed the device. Now how I can obtain a non-snapshot firmware and upload it to the router?

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I don't understand this part of the question. You asked about compiling a release version. Once you compile it, you have a release version.

Just to be sure you understand what those are:


It seems you're using some unofficial code. I am referring to official OpenWrt. Perhaps you should ask @armSeb (wow...he has an account here - I just checked).

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Yes, I'm using unofficial code since the support for my device is not in the official targets. I compiled the unofficial code on the device but now I can't install LuCI and it seems a snapshot issue.

Thanks for the other informations, I have moved my thread to Community Builds.

Hopefully he responds to you.

Yes, of course. Snapshots omit those packages. See Wiki link above regarding snapshots.

  • Include them
  • Compile them?
  • Install compatible ones from the official downloads site?

I saw that snapshots omit those packages, but installing them should be as simple as opkg install luci, but for some reasons I'm getting an error (Cannot install package luci) and no solution seem to work.


You're compiling your image. Where would they come from?

Did you compile these packages and include them?


I would like to compile a release image and load it to my device, but if it's not possible with the unofficial code that support my router I would at least like to load the necessary packages in some way.

I'd love to compile them or download from the official site, but I don't know how I can do those things... What I was asking in the original post was how to move from where I am.. should I try to upgrade to a non-snapshot? Should i try to load the necessary packages in some way? How can I accomplish what I should do?


Browse and download/install packages/dependencies in reverse order.

How to know dependencies?


How to install?


Not sure how'd you do that, it doesn't seem one exists. @armSeb should know.

I don't think there are bintec rs353aw compatible packages in the official releases...

You can't compile a release, only the build bot can do this. All self-compiled images will have problems loading kernel modules. You can try to reproduce the build as much as possible, but the changes in your custom branch are probably for the master branch, not the 22.03 branch (I didn't check that). So you can only build snapshot images.

Installing packages from snapshot on a custom build will work only for a few days after you synchronized the build with the current upstream master. Afterwards, it will differ too much and packages won't install.

What I usually do is:

  • Checkout the branch
  • Merge upstream into it
  • Install the current package feed
  • Select all required packages during the build
  • Install an image with all required packages included
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From your link:

Target System - Lantiq Subtarget


(I would ask the creator, who has been tagged - instead of go thru this hassle before they respond.)

Yes but inside xrx200 there isn't the bintec

We know that already...

You're looking for:

(Please follow information being given in response to your inquires.)

And in my case where I already installed the image, how should I proceed about installing the package feed? Are the indications that @lleachii provided for doing this?

Why don't you just try it!? It may or may not work.

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No. Here:

(Need to know CPU too.)

I agree. A lot of inquires for someone who managed to compile firmware. I have confidence in the OP. :wink: