Struggled Netgear R6220 installation document

Hi, I'm a newbie here, I have been stuck in the installation guideline while looking on the firmware selector page, which is the "kernel.bin" I should be using it?
Kernel (Initramfs)
Kernel (Squashfs)

  1. Copy kernel.bin and rootfs.bin to a USB flash disk, plug to usb port on the router
  2. Call the link: (login if required, default: admin - password); if the above IP address does not work, try with
  3. You will see “Debug Enabled!”
  4. telnet IP-address and login with “root” (default: admin - password)
  5. ls /mnt/shares/ to find out path of your USB disk - myUdisk for example
  6. cd /mnt/shares/myUdisk
  7. cat /proc/mtd > r6220.mtd.layout
  8. cat /dev/mtd10ro > r6220.mtd10ro.factory.bin
  9. mtd_write write rootfs.bin Rootfs
  10. mtd_write write kernel.bin Kernel
  11. reboot

The method you're following is for openwrt 18.06 and is outdated! Just grab the factory image and upload it through the stock netgear gui if you haven't made any changes yet.

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Whaou ! Forget about all, this is outdated ! (cf. @BenSisko )
The installation is very simple : download the factory image
and flash it using the "firmware update" page within Netgear GUI.
At restart you will have OpenWrt installed, it's that simple.
Once OpenWrt is installed, you can upgrade future versions using squashfs-sysupgrade.bin file, NOT factory.bin.


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