Strongswan full package with broken curl

Hi. I'm using OpenWrt 22.03.2 r19803-9a599fee93.

I installed the strongswan-full package. It includes curl but strongswan reports this error:

curl SSL backend 'mbedTLS/2.28.1' not supported, https:// disabled

I don't seem to be able to remove that backend without removing curl. The lack of HTTPS might be causing issues.

tried installing the missing mbedTLS lib(s) ?

libmbedtls12 is installed. It's not supported by strongswan-mod-curl.

who's throwing the message, curl, or something/someone else ?

tried a random curl ?

Strongswan throws the error. It's using libcurl4, not the curl client.

I see.

I assume the libcurl4 dependencies are all installed ?

They are all installed. The problem (as I understand) is that libcurl4 was compiled with mbedTLS but strongswan doesn't support that or wasn't compiled with it.