Strongswan-full not appearing in menuconfig

While playing around wuth the build system I found that strongswan-full (meta)package does not show up in menuconfig but if I search for that same package from within menuconfig (by </> command) it appears correctly and said to be under Network->VPN where all other strongswan-* variants are. What's wrong with -full ?

Does anybody see the same strange thing or is only a problem of mine?

I see @stintel is the package maintainer, maybe he has some interesting explanation about that.

It depends on DEVEL ("Advanced configuration options (for developers)"). If you enable it then it will appear. I assume you know what a meta package is.

A meta package should be an empty package meant to only bring in other packages as dependencies. What I still don't catch is why other strongswan metapackages are shown by default while full does not and depends on DEVEL

As @Per already mentioned, strongswan-full depends on DEVEL. This is a dependency that exists from long before I became maintainer, so I can only guess why this dependency exists. Either way, it makes very little sense to enable all modules, so I actually think it makes sense to leave it as is. If you are really sure you need it, you can enable CONFIG_DEVEL.

Thank you very much for explaining, I fully agree with your point. Actually I was just searching for the full metapackage since somebody reported it as needed in the ipsec how-to on the openwrt wiki. I'm sure it's a bit overkilling but I was compiling an image with all my packages to speedup testing and while searching all of them I got surprised about that. Just curiosity. Thank you again.