Strong 1200S unable to flash

I bought Strong 1200S and when I try to flash the FW it says "invalid file format"

Used instructions in

I might have been actually very lucky that I did not brick the router, because it looks like it has a different HW than Strong 1200.
The specs from their website says CPU 1GHz MIPS24Kc while Strong 1200 has Dual-core 880 MHz MIPS. Other features looks the same (apart from USB port and memory card slot)
Does it mean that I cannot put OpenWRT on this one right?
If not is there a chance that it will be supported in the future and is there a way to doublecheck that it also has 128MB RAM and 16MB flash without opening it? I still have chance to return it and get something else that supports OpenWRT, however I payed only 30EUR so it would be great to get some custom FW on it as it looks like reasonably good HW for that money.

As long as you're not 100% sure they're the same, you shouldn't try to flash it.

As for future support, you own it, your best suited for adding it.

Alternativ cheap devices; look for AC2600 routers or Zyxel WSM20 on ebay.

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You're right, I was tricked believing they are the same and lucky not to brick it.

I might actually keep it and try to add it, I work with Linux a lot so it should be possible. But I need to make sure the HW is supported first.

I found this article where you say it isn't?:

Is this HW the same case as it also has 1GHz MIPS24Kc which seem to be Realtek?

assuming it's the same hw, then yes, unsupported/able.

unfortunately Strong haven't published any FW updates for the 1200S, or we could have dissected it for clues.

I thought that it should be the same case, but when you say unsupported/able, I am confused about one thing I found somewhere else.

There is a dev board called Komikan with the same CPU, but on their sheet they claimed that it comes with OpenWRT, how is it possible?

it's explained in the thread you linked to.

because the people who manufactured it got lazy, grabbed a copy of a Linux kernel,
added the support, but never bothered submitting the patches upstream ...

So if I upload the linux kernel onto this device and add the support then it can run OpenWRT?
I guess the hard bit here is to "add the support" right? I guess many have succeeded but they did for their products like this Komikan board but they do not want to share their work in upstream kernel which everyone would benefit from.

I read some further threads here and now I understand much better what the problem is, sad thing though.
Perhaps it will change in the future, I might keep this router as it was cheap and use it for other purposes in the mean time.
I actually discovered that I can also use Rpi with OpenWRT. I have 2 old ones in my draw, looks like it might do even better job for my purpose than this router if I manage to make the USB-LAN adapter working to turn it into a basic router.

TBH, I wouldn't hold my breath.

You might also discover it's using a small flash, < 16MB, or < 128MB RAM.

Those are show stoppers for Openwrt too.

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