Strong 1200 firmware crossflash 2 times failure


By flashing "openwrt-23.05.0-rc3-ramips-mt7621-mtc_wr1201-initramfs-kernel.bin" in the Strong OEM Web interface, it seems a get a bootloop !

I never got to the OpenWRT "Backup/Flash Firmware" interface to be able to flash the "squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" one.

Did I miss something, and is my router definitively out of order ?

Thanks for your precision.

initramfs doesn't write anything to the flash.

if you get an IP, try using ssh instead.

I strictly follow the procedure recommanded here :

So please, take the information before replying so fast.

please, understand the reply provided ...

So the procedure provided here is bullshit ?

God damned it !

there's no proof of it, yet, hence the request to try ssh, instead of your browser,
and check if you actually get an IP from it.

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I know the SSH procedure.

But i choose the Strong 1200 model especially to follow a simple one, the "two times flashing" one.
Guess what : to not use the SSH procedure.

So is this recommendation ("the two times" one) totally obsolete ?
Is it ?

dunno, that's what you've been tasked to find out ...

you only need to do it once, executing 1 or 2 commands in ssh, it won't kill you.

if you're not up to it, stay on stock fw.

I get no IP adress, I checked.

I have this device, and I flashed it a long time ago, using initramfs, try an image from an older release.

I'm ready to follow instructions to recover the device,

but i want to understand the mistake i make.

It's a very simple way for progressing, isn't it ?

With a bootloop and no IP address, it will not be as simple as you suggest, I guess.

I don't understand, if you got a boot loop, how did you flash it twice ?

the boot loop happens if you flash the wrong image, but I guess you didn't, since you specifically wrote you used the initramfs.

I get a bootloop after flashing the fisrt OpenWRT "initramfs-kernel.bin", after reaching the "Strong OEM Web interface".

I check twice before flashing, you guess.

Yes, it is, unfortunately. I fell into the same trap a couple of months ago. After recovering from it using serial connection, I followed the process to apply for wiki access to warn others, but never heard back (never got the access). Long story short, you will need serial connection to recover. For more info, see here.

wow, that sucks ... :frowning:

did you figure out if an older initramfs solved it, or did you simply go via uboot ?

I see in the ticket 19.07 initramfs worked, I'll update the wiki.

Thank you miles.

Well, not being ready for an SSH procedure, you guess i'm not ready for a serial connection one.
It's out of my capacity.

I'm ready to sent and give you the routeur, if you are ready to communicate your address by private message.
Think about it !
Cheers !

It's described in the GitHub issue I linked - you need to flash OpenWrt 19.07 or older (initramfs, then sysupgrade the same version - did not try any other scenario such as initramfs 19.07 and sysupgrade 22.03) from OEM firmware and then sysupgrade BAU to the current (or desired higher) OpenWrt version.

yeah, saw your last update.

I've updated the wiki page.