Striped firmware for tp link archer c20 v5

Can someone please make a stripped firmware for my archer c20 v5 (inwisp) (which apparently is a customised version) as i have bricked my router when trying to install openwrt. on it.

Firmware link :

the procedure is described in ?

boot an openwrt image from a flash drive, transfer the file(s) to it, run the dd commands,
and transfer the new files back, flash, done.

I am not into programming . So i need someone to help me create it i know how to tftp and flash firmwares and some others i have very few knowledge on using linux and i dont have linux on my pc. So if u could please help me

dd is a cli command, and the complete command lines you need to run, are posted on the wiki page.

that's why you were told to boot openwrt from a flash drive.

You can use about any Linux distribution, including OpenWrt, in a virtual machine. I would go for a live Linux that can be easily run and used in the VM with a GUI.

Of course we could do it for you, that would be quicker than explaining to you how it works - but you learn more if you do it yourself.

Thanks for the helpful instructions.