Streaming to Steam Link not working?

Title. I've my PC and my Steam Link connected to my TD-W9980, both with a Cat6 cable (I got multiple from work). Cable is working I swapped it and tested both old and new. Do I have to put some exception inside my router firewall to better allow these two devices to see each-other?

current /etc/config/network
current /etc/config/firewall

Minor request:

Do I really need the default firewall rules 'Allow-IPSec-ESP', 'Allow-ISAKMP'? And 'Allow-DHCP-Renew' (this one is necessary to get IP from ISP right?) ?

On the “minor request”, those first two allow things like SIP and microcells, along with encrypted services, such as from cell phones, to work (“IPSec”). Yes, the third is so you can get an IP from your ISP.

So If I do not use them I may comment them out and test if something goes wrong?

Personal choice on that. Just remember it when some service on your phone fails.