Stream locator free version?

I have a question, i came across a linus tech tip video about a stream locator and the device runs on openwrt with the special features, is there an open source or free version that would work on ope wrt x86? Rather not pay $99 for a wifi router when i already have a customfirewall. And wifi AP's on my network

You missed the part where there is a monthly subscription fee after the first year - I think it was $8 per month? That makes me think there's a lot more to it than Linus explained and I doubt you'll be able to get that for free

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nah, I just forgot to mention it....

I guess the only solution here is someone to buy it and reverse engineer its tech so we can all install it for free :slight_smile:

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When i watched the video my first thought was it was just a clever implementation of the Policy Based Routing plugin and nothing more.

If you read their website (plus, Linus actually went into detail about this), there's some clarification - the router is just a "nice to have" hardware piece, the real magic happens within StreamLocator's "cloud". They basically have a number of proxy servers that act kiiiiinda like VPN, but only for a specific set of requests.

The reason why nobody will reverse engineer it and "make it free" is because that $8/month fee actually goes towards the upkeep of these proxy servers.

@lantis1008 sure, it is policy-based routing, but with their own servers acting as proxies inbetween. The point of this is to avoid the regular VPN-ban-spree Netflix goes on. It's akin to using a more obscure VPN.