Strange wireguard issue

Dear all,

I have a rather strange thing with wireguard. I have it all set up correctly and working. If i connect to it from the internet it all works fine, using the wan IP address. However if i try to connect to it from my own Wifi I see it tries to connect, I see the packet count in both directions go up, but no more handshakes. The endpoint is updated though. So somehow it is doing something... If I fill in the lan IP then it does work. So maybe it is a lookback thing that stopped working.

I am behind a double NAT, but I put the openwrt router in the DMZ of the ISP router. So all outside connections should go directly to the openwrt router.

Now the strange thing, I had this working before, so something changed, im just not sure what. I did update to 21.02.1 but not sure if this is the actual cause. Could be something maybe on the ISP router (over which i only have limited control)

Does anybody have any suggestions?



The problem is most likely with your main router. Some routers don't support loopback/reflection/hairpin - For example, I know this to be the case with the Bell Fibe Home Hub 3000. Since your openwrt router is behind another router, you need to figure out if it is possible to enable this feature in that upstream router. If there is no exposed setting for it, you're probably out of luck.

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Im guessing indeed its the ISP router, but why did it all of a sudden change?!? hmmm...

Oh well, guess i have to live wit it.

Thx for thinking along!

Ok I rebooted the ISP router, problem gone...

No clue why there was just an issue with that while all the rest was still fine.

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