Strange problem with relay bridge

Hello. I have an openwrt 23.05 repeater (GL-MT300A) connected by wifi to the main router, also openwrt 23.05 (WE826-T2). It is in wifi repeater bridge mode with relayd.

Everything is fine until the main router reboots. Then the following happens:

  1. The repeater does not allow to connect Wi-Fi clients via DHCP. If you put a fixed IP, yes. So there is a problem with DHCP redirection to main router.

  2. All devices that were connected to the repeater are no longer visible on the main network, although the repeater itself is seen, you can ping it.

I can connect to repeater's luci in that situation and it indicates that it is still connected to the main router and has clients connected. So it has a problem with Relayd and DHCP redirection.

what solves the problem: Reboot the repeater or restart the repeater's radio (radio0).

What could be the problem?

Why not wds?

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Possibly I will try WDS if this is not solved but I have other unmentioned repeaters of different hardware and software further in the background of the network. But, do you mean relayd is unreliable and these problems are normal?

Provisional hack, main router send this commnd to repeater after reboot:

sshpass -p password ssh root@ 'wifi down radio0;sleep 5;wifi up radio0'

Apparently this solves the problem, although it doesn't seem like a very decent solution.

When the main router restarts I think now it does not affect the relayd of the repeater but rather repeater's DHCP (delegation) stops working, and I have no idea why restarting its radio 0 restores it.

This is the guide i followed to configure the relayd repeater: