Strange Problem on WRT 3200 ACM since updated from 19.07.7 to 19.07.8

Hello Community, since I updated my Router WRt 3200 ACm from 19.07.7 - 19.07.8 I have a strange problem, my Provider is Kabel Deutschland and I upgraded my speed from 100 000 kbit/sec to 250000 kbit/sec just two month ago, I measured speeds throught Mullvad VPN and got after my ISP Speed bump good 280000 kbit/sec through my ISP Kabel Deutschland -- that has a WireGuardVPN Tunnel to Mullvad, all was wonderfull.

Now since I updated to 19.07.8 , same setup, nothing changed... I only get 97000 kbit/sec ... I reinstalled my router x times.. my WAN Port/WireguardVPN Tunnel, doesnt "see" that 250000 kbit/sec is activated ( I phoned with Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, they tested it) .... what can I do, to fix that? Would be Thankfull for any hint... I have no more clue, what I can do, for my WRT 3200 ACM "sees" or works again with 250000 kbit/sec ---getting only 97000 kBit/sec at the moment...

Did you install SQM? Perhaps you forgot to reconfigure it?

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Hello, SQM is sinstalled, but now, after all weekend trying to find out what happened, reinstalling my router x times, checking config etc.. its the damm Modem/Router, Vodafone will replace it now, and it hasnt to do with my Router or OpenWRT... I apologize... its the Modem/Router that is broken, or doesnt work correctly, new one will arrive this week ...sorry for bothering and thanks for help!

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By the way, I am very, very happy with OpenWRT on my Linksys WRT 3200 ACM ...with Mullvad, and many other cool features... I love OpenWRT!

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