Strange issue with vodafone cable (formerly UM) since friday

I'm running openwrt on a FB4040 behind a connect box in bridged mode.
Don't know what they have changed. (there was an announced outage)
My FB4040 gets an ip address, gateway and DNS-servers by DHCP.
These IP addresses belong to vodafone.
When I ssh into the FB4040 I can not ping the gateway.
Of course I can not ping the DNS servers.
Putting the connect box in router mode and the FB4040 as
DHCP client behind (double NAT) everything is working fine.
I have already tried a 2nd FB404 with the same (saved & restored) settings.
MAC addresses of those 2 boxes vary, F0:B0:14:xx:xx:xx and 2C:3A:FD:xx:xx:xx
Anybody else affected (or even better, has a solution) ?

(And yes, I have rebooted the cable modem after each change of connected device)

Solution here:

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