Strange issue; DLNA via TAP only if Android tethering enabled?

Don't know where else to post this, I experience this behavior on all of my devices. I can only discover a DLNA server on my android phone or tablet via Openvpn TAP if I enable tethering on the device itself, seems the process of setting up another network on the device gets it going for some reason?

Anyone know why I am experiencing this behavior? I suspect it may be an issue in my router config... DLNA via tap comes through fine using my arch pc

Can you expound on your issue, explaining where the OpenWrt device is involved.

  • Are you referring to the workaround of having to set up a network - on the Android, or on the OpenWrt?
  • Are you trying to run a VPN onthe Android while using tethered Internet from your Android?
    • If so, where is the VPN server?
  • Is the OpenWrt running DLNA?
  • Is your router running the OpenVPN?
  • Are you teathering to the OpenWrt?
    • If so, why?
  • How is the Arch PC involved (is it the server)?

I've done more testing on different devices since this post and have confirmed, this issue varies from one device to the other, dependent upon manufacturer/rom and how there networking stack is implemented ex) Samsung (running Lineage) behaves as intended however Pollux Windy (running Lineage) and One Plus Pro 7 (running Oxygen OS) does not. Only thing that can be done in an attempt to fix is try a different rom.

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