Strange finding in OpenWrt

I accidentally found an entry in NETWORK --> DHCP and DNS --> Static lease:
When I want to add a hostname in the pull-down menu I found following entry:

It shows my Huawei Router, I am using it as a modem (bridged) with a Serbian IP address.

I wonder why is shows up there, because I have absolutely no connection with Serbia.

Am I compromised?

The IP address belongs to a net block labelled Telekom Srbija Internet Backbone Network.

Maybe it got recently reassigned to your provider. Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, ever smaller network address blocks get repurposed and recycled for use by other providers.

The IP you posted from (77.x.x.x) belongs to an Austrian mobile 3G provider. According to Wikipedia, Telekom Srbija serves parts of Austria as well. (Quote: "The company offers a range of fixed-line, mobile, and internet communication services in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Austria.")

It might be that your ISP is reselling connectivity from them.

@ jow Thank you very much for your quick answer. I am using 3. That makes sense.

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