Strange 160MHz performance

i've a R7800 and i'm on a r14718+62, where a big part of the +62 are @Ansuel 's NSS drivers.
This works so well and this leaves so much CPU power free, that i tried enabling the 160MHz mode. I have a Intel Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz network adapter.

The first point is that yes, it works. I enabled the mode and the client connected with 160MHz channel width. This is confirmed both by the Luci interface and by the client properties.
But, performance.

With 80MHz channel, i can reach circa 550Mbps, as a 2x2 should do
With 160MHz channel, i can reach circa 350/400 Mbps, that is A LOT less than i expected.
Cpu usage is under 10% (thanks NSS drivers!)
so i admit i have totally no idea. I tried a lot of tests, i also went with the pc side by side with the router, nothing.
Did i miss something?

Edit: sorry, to add: i'm with non-ct wireless drivers)

ok, definitely it's something up to the drivers version. With ct drivers i can get much more

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