Storage Space Reduce Automatically

Hi, using openwrt 22 on tp link archer c60 v3.

I have noticed that if i make any config changes( for example add any upload or download rule in luci app nft qos), my storage space reduces. and If i delete the rule, the space never get back to as earlier. for example : i have added 5 rules, storages space came from 676 KB to 672 KB, but when i delete the rules, storage space never gets back to 676 KB.
I have tried these and at first storage space w

as 696 KB,now it has reduced to 672 KB.

I am using these packages with custom firmware build - luci, luci ssl, luci app nft qos,luci app adblock, luci app nlbw, tcpdump-mini..

Any expert suggestion why this is happening and is it normal or not....
it this continues i may be run out of spaces someday......

That's how overlay works.


You can back up and reset if that happens.



once you change the factory file, it is copied in /overlay, for ex:

ll /overlay/upper/etc/config/wireless 
-rw-rw-r--    1 root     root          1404 Oct 19 04:34 /overlay/upper/etc/config/wireless

so it will use extra space

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