Stock DM200 first install fails to boot

Hi all, trying to avert a potential blunder here.

Got a fresh DM200, stock firmware, tried installing OpenWRT via the wiki guide. Everything was going great until the device went to reboot, and now sits there blinking it's green LED.

It's unable to be reached via SSH or IP. I'm now trying to reflash it back to stock, and having absolutely zero luck.

I've tried Netgear's own TFTP guide, which just times out.
I've tried NMRP via the guide, but even in -B blind mode it just sits there on "uploading DM200-"

I should have read the wiki a little more closely, because it mentions the kernel size issue that I think I'm running into.

Any advice?

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make sure you temporarily disable your firewall on windows when using NMRP
and maybe also tftp