Still trying to unbrick kufwi router

Hi all,

In an earlier thread on this forum I made my first attempts to unbrick a KUFWI router which has a LONGSUNG U9300C modem. Dairyman, an expert hand, told me that this isn't a well known modem; hence no third party drivers etc. are available. This prophecy turned out to be very true, as my six month or so search for something in this regard turned up nothing except this. If one goes thru the product description it mentions LONGSUNG U9300C, which is what raised my interest.

A close look on the module photos shows that it is barebones. There is a SIM card slot plus a Type-C USB connector. Then on the RF side there is an SMA connector for connecting to the modem RFoutput port. It connects to the Raspberry Pi through the USB port.

My questions therefore are " How would a Pi talk to the modem? How would the Pi find out which modem it (the Pi) is talking to? Would the Pi use AT commands?"

I will get to the next level of what I plan to do after this thread precipitates some responses, to obtain guidance whether I am on the right path or otherwise.

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Could be ttyUSB.

Do you have more than one ?


Hi Frollic

"Do you have more than one ?"

I meant which make. Longsung or Quectel or many others.

Hello again.

Furthermore I want to try and access the Longsung through the UART port. (Please see above).
Can someone please guide me as to whether the TX/RX pins go to the Longsung or the 9531 processor.
Also is it ok to use the USB to TTL converter (using 3.3V) in the picture above to connect to the board? Also should the tx pin on the board go to the rx pin of the Usb/ttl converter or tx to tx and rx to rx.

you'll find out when you see the output.

probably, although you shouldn't connect the 3.3v pin.

Rx -> Tx
Tx -> Rx

if there's no output, swap them.

Grateful Frollic.
Shall post result.

Flashed NEXR5GO into the router. Result- router works as is visible on the pic above, through the ethernet connection. Wifi is also working.
However understandbly the LONGSUNG modem isn't recognized by the board, as the bootlog shows that the board is expecting a Sierra modem to be available on the PCI bus. Also the USB option given in the operating system is disabled, which means- unless I am completely wrong; that it is highly probable that the UART connection will also not work since the data stream would be channeled thru the Qualcomm9531.