Still can't access 'lan' from wireguard client (internet access OK)

Getting frustrated (sorry!!)

More information:

Followed instructions here:

Used the 2nd script (Set Number of Peers with IDs)

My LAN is

So I set the guest interface to be 192.168.9

I set DDNS to be my WAN address

Ran the script ( and rebooted.

Copied the 1_guest.conf to my Windows 10 laptop (will try linux next)

Connected immediately.

Can ping the vpn endpoint ( but nothing else.

On the gateway/firewall, edited the zone for "lan => wan" and add "wg_guest" to the 'covered networks'

Now I can access the LAN address ( AND THE INTERNET. But I can't access (ping/ssh/...) my server at

Why can't I get the wg_guest network to forward to the LAN? And shouldn't that be the default case? Isn't what what a VPN is for, to remotely access my LAN?


OK. I'm an idiot.

What really pisses me off is I know better!!

My server ( that I couldn't access is the only other thing on the LAN. However, it's attached to lots of networks, and the router was NOT it's default gateway. All I needed to do was:

route add -net gw

and everything now works great.


Sorry for the stupid questions.

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