Step 0 of fixing my wireguard VPN unlimited docs not loading

So my VPN unlimited wireguard stopped working. I think maybe the keys need to be regenerated because it's been running something like 5 years. Anyway, I went to look up the documentation, and none of the graphics load. Nor for my friend(s), other browsers, other networks.

I know there's lots of smart people here, and this is tangentially relevant since I do want to fix my openwrt problem(!) :slight_smile:

So maybe someone could capture the page if it loads for them for me? Or if you're aware of what the problem is, comment on what it is so I can relay it to support because they insist there's no problem for them?

It's all the manuals I looked at on their site unfortunately. But here's the one I want to use:

Thanks in advance!

VPN unlimited is not my favourite provider if you do not use the VPN for 5-7 days you need to generate new WG keys.

I could not find that in their terms but that is my personal experience.

You can generate new keys in the "user office", upper right hand corner and than "Manage" your subscriptions to create a new WG profile.

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