Stay with Stock or go with OpenWRT? (Netgear R6260)

TLDR;d mid post, after moving plenty of expenses, had to replace a fried router (apparently storms are a common things being in a valley area in NC,) and being strapped for cash after an Expensive move, i just got the same model router that died. (lighting strike cause over-used surge protector that should of been replaced many uses ago.)

just looked to see if the R6260 HAS any open Firmware to replace the Stock Firmware but i only see a few that spurt to before a stable release, one mentioning the snapshot had bad 5Ghz throughput, and one user bricked. not much else in a scattering timespan between posts/timestamps of info. In the current release/snapshots, is it worth using over stock?

For an overview of the Home Network Layout:
Most of the devices in this home operate over the 5Ghz network 3 PC's over Ethernet (+ a PS2 if you count it w/ a Wifi Extender as such[it has a Wi-Fi to Ethernet Bridge Mode, and i dont want to run a second long AF Cable into my room!]), only Smart Home appliances (light bulbs) and a few old game consoles (Wii/WiiU/a PSP) are operating on the 2.4Ghz Network, and the big 5Ghz Wireless "Bandwidth" Hog would haveto be my Oculus Quest 2 (my PC's kinda a Potato so i get around that for VR via Virtual Desktop for Wireless VR.)

So if builds for the Netgear R6260 still have 5Ghz throughput issues, then i will deffo haveto wait (or look for a router better suited atleast) but for now, Has any of those issues w/ the Older builds been addressed?

If it's anything like the mt7915, it works very well.

It's a 7615 chip, I'm seeing different reports if there are still problems with that driver or not. I don't have any such hardware so can't confirm one way or the other.

In any case if you don't like OpenWrt, it should be easy to flash back to stock with nmrpflash.