Status or badge for developers

@tmomas, @jow

Would it make sense to assign the developers a regular status or otherwise agree on some specific profile picture to be used by all developers?

It would just make it easier for other forum user to recognise the developers, which can be useful when seeking advice about bugs taking somebody's word for similar issues that require up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of the code.

Personally I am not so fond of such badges since they tend to misrepresent the actual involvement and experience of the people. There's developers with very little overall system experience while there's regulars who have a very broad experience from providing custom builds or frequently interacting with the community...

I understand the intention of your idea but I'd prefer to treat developers and users alike.


Yeah, my point was that if a user was around long enough, they would know the regulars and who knows what, even if they don't have regular status. But it's a bit different for developers if they don't post on the forum frequently. But now that I learn that developers involvement varies greatly, I see your point.

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