Static leases creates duplicate for sub-hostname

I want to associate hostnames to vm's on proxmox. I used the static leases option and in the hostname field I added for each vm it's name but on the pve.lan subdomain.

But it seems it's matching against both windows-media.pve.lan and windows-media.lan. Why and how can I prevent it?

In the file /tmp/dhcp.leases the entry appears only with windows-media

My setup sounds similar to yours, I use static leases on all my servers and they appear correctly via DNS and mDNS queries, so here's what I've got...

In LuCI, check the Network -> DHCP and DNS page and make sure that both the 'Local server' and 'Local domain' are set properly (I'm using the OpenWrt2020 theme, so yours might look a bit different, but same data):

If you have IPv6 configured, you should then go to Network -> Interfaces and "Edit" the LAN interface. Go to the DHCP Server tab, then the IPv6 Settings sub-tab. The "Announced DNS domains" should also contain your lan name (just type it in and hit the "+"):

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. On my side though I would like to keep the lan domain for the other computers on the network and only use the pve.lan on those I specified. I just don't understand why it matches both entries 'pve.lan' and 'lan'.
If specifying 'windows-media.pve' in the hostname is wrong than it shouldn't work at all but it just accepts both versions

An example of static entry: