Static leases break behind a repeater

My setup: openwrt router -> openwrt ap (static ip) -> asus repeater (static ip) -> iphone and smart tv.
Setting static leases for iphone and smart tv causes the system log to saturate with dhcp requests, offers, ack and so on with these two devices involved. I assume it's because there's this weird thing with mac addresses - both devices have their own mac addresses and the repeater has it's own mac address, but because both devices are connected through the repeater, they show up on the routing page in luci with the same mac address as the repeater.
Is there a way to make it work properly?

If these devices send unique hostnames, you can make reservations by hostname. Do not configure a MAC address.

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I guess it works, but it's not the most elegant solution.
The router clearly knows that these are different devices, knows their hostnames and mac addresses (they pop up when creating static leases). I wish it could use this knowledge properly.

You need wds or 4addr