Static leases based on MAC without GATEWAY and DNS?

According to the documentation this is how to configure static lease for host with specific MAC.

config host 
  option ip 
  option mac 00:11:22:33:44:55
  option name mydesktop

How can I specify that this host get no GATEWAY and DNS (or set fake parameters)?

Check the Client classifying and individual options section in the link you used.

Option 3 is the gateway, if I remember correctly, and 6 is DNS.

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Hi guys,
Thank you for your replies.

That sounds about right with classifier and tagged network and also option 3 and 6.
I would use the following commands.
However, is there a way to translate following UCI commands into pure entries that i would simply add to /etc/config/dhcp ?

uci set dhcp.mac_vpn="mac"
uci set dhcp.mac_vpn.mac="00:11:22:33:44:55"
uci set	dhcp.mac_vpn.ip=""
uci set dhcp.mac_vpn.networkid="vpn"
uci add_list dhcp.mac_vpn.dhcp_option="3,"
uci add_list dhcp.mac_vpn.dhcp_option="6,"
uci add_list dhcp.mac_vpn.dhcp_option="44"
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

Im just not sure if UCI will simply add entries to /etc/config/dhcp OR will do some other modifications in other files.

That's correct.

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Yes, that did add entries to /etc/config/dhcp (hopefuly only there). Thanks!

config mac 'mac_vpn'
        option mac '00:11:22:33:44:55'
        option ip ''
        option networkid 'vpn'
        list dhcp_option '3'
        list dhcp_option '6'
        list dhcp_option '44'

One remark:
Dont specify (for GW and DNS) as it will not work.
Either specify IP out of your subnet OR better - keep it empty.

What is not working is assigning specific IP to the MAC (in my case
Any idea why is that?

UPDATE: I have found out that ci set dhcp.norouting.dhcp_option="3" and ci set dhcp.norouting.dhcp_option="6" cannot co-exist. Why and how to keep both of them?

I will partly answer it by myself.
Apparently it requires different approach with UCI.
Note! for some reason following entries cannot co-exist together:
uci set dhcp.norouting.dhcp_option="3"
uci set dhcp.norouting.dhcp_option="6"

Config file will keep the later one only (6 in this case).
Event hough I added later manually option dhcp_option '3' to /etc/config/dhcp, only the last entry will work (so 3 in that case, and 6 will have o effect).
I have no idea why and how to overcome it.

UCI commands:

uci set dhcp.printer="host"
uci set"printer"
uci set dhcp.printer.mac="08:00:27:45:60:e0"
uci set dhcp.printer.ip=""
uci set dhcp.printer.tag="norouting"
uci set dhcp.norouting="tag"
uci set dhcp.norouting.dhcp_option="3" <--- this one will be overwritten by next entries (6)
uci set dhcp.norouting.dhcp_option="6"
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
/etc/init.d/odhcpd restart

Final result in /etc/config/dhcp:

config host 'printer'
        option name 'printer'
        option mac '00:11:22:33:44:55'
        option ip ''
        option tag 'norouting'

config tag 'norouting'
        option dhcp_option '6'
        option dhcp_option '3' <--- I add it as another manually entry, but it will overwrites previous one. Why and how to keep both of them?

It should be a list, not an option.


Actually, firewall is more suitable to manage network access permissions:

uci -q delete firewall.fwd_deny
uci set firewall.fwd_deny="rule"
uci set"Deny-Forward"
uci set firewall.fwd_deny.src="lan"
uci add_list firewall.fwd_deny.src_mac="08:00:27:45:60:e0"
uci set firewall.fwd_deny.dest="wan"
uci set firewall.fwd_deny.proto="all"
uci set"REJECT"
uci commit firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart


YES! It seems that first entry can be kept as option and another shall be added as list.
That will allow to use both options 3 (GW) and 6 (DNS).
Thank you.

There is final entry listing:

config host 'printer'
        option name 'printer'
        option mac '08:00:27:45:60:e0'
        option ip ''
        option tag 'norouting'

config tag 'norouting'
        option dhcp_option '3'
        list dhcp_option '6'

That is interesting approach. Thanks.
Any chance you have plain text entries for that? (otherwise, I think i will build some test-system)

You can skip the commit command.
Instead, use the export command to see resulting config.
And then the revert command to cancel runtime changes.


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