Static Leases; advisable to set lease to infinite?

Reading up on this; I can't see an argument as to why not if your assigning a static lease anyways...

Am I missing something?

The day you need to change the IP of the machine, you'd likely need to reboot it, or at least poke it to get another lease.

All of my leases (including "static" ones) are 900 seconds, so I don't have to wait much longer than 10 minutes for it to "shift" to a changed IP.


Thanks mate, still not following. Isn't the point of a static lease for the ip to remain the same? Why do you need a lease to renew every 10 mins if ip will remain the same?

I guess your saying; if the day comes that I need to assign a different ip for a static lease, I only have to wait 10mins for it to renew without having to poke or router reboot if I set a lease time to 900s.

I'm looking at this another way; thinking perhaps the renew may increase probability of connectivity hiccup for a wifi device and if its connected via static lease anyways, set to infinite minimizing a potential hiccup due to lease renew and should a day come when I do change the assignment of an ip for a device, all I need to do is reboot the router.

My comprehension okay?

I'm trying to troubleshoot legacy WiFI device connection issues i'm having, iPad 3 and Galaxy S4... No issues at all on current WiFi devices. But I notice, when I have issues with these devices the lease time is close to expire.

As a specific example, I had several devices on one subnet. I decided to move them to different subnet. Change the DHCP file, poof, they were over there in minutes with no further actions required.

You'd need to reboot (or force renewal of DHCP on) every client that needs to change.


Okay, I think I get it now. Thank you.

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