Static Lease IP


I had this kind of lame/dumb question about static leases...

In the Luci setup it wants you to configure the
host-name => MAC address => Complete IPV4 address..

I was wondering if instead of the complete IPV4 address we could only
specify the last 8 bits (of the LAN).

I have bunch of routers, and everytime I decide to change the main IP address of the router, I have to go hack the entire file, if only the last part of the IP was specified, then this problem will not arise..


Yep, it works this way for IPv6.
You can simply forget about IPv4 and use IPv6 instead.

It sounds like you are doing it more often than required.
Perhaps you should spend more time planning.

It's not a big deal, just a single command:

sed -i -e "s/192\.168\.1\./192.168.2./g" /etc/config/dhcp