Static IP without internet (wired,wireless)

I recently changed ISP provider to optic fiber and they give me their static IP, DNS for manual set to my network card/router.

When I connect PC directly to the cable (Fiber Optic Media Converter->PC) and set network card to specified IP, gateway, mask, DNS everything working... but if I set same parameters to OpenWRT 18.06.01 internet not working thru cable or wireless : /

OpenWRT 18.06.01 (factory default)
IPv4 address 10.X.X.99
IPv4 netmask
IPv4 gateway 10.X.X.1
and two custom DNS servers

restart/reboot router/PC many times, DHCP assing looks ok, WAN is DHCP by default
everything looks good, but internet not working : ( I can access openwrt on router thru cable, but that is all

?maybe some problem with DHCP or DNS? if I try "ipconfig -all" under windows there is only 10.X.X.99 as DNS

thx for advice

Why are you not running DHCP on LAN and setting the static IP from your ISP for WAN on your LAN interface? You should be using the static IP assigned by your ISP on the WAN interface and DHCP server on LAN, from what you've stated thus far.

This seems to be your problem. Assign the static IP and netmask and gateway they gave you to your wan

ya thanks.. WAN it was : ) always the last untried variant

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