Static IP + Orange Pi R1 Plus + TP-Link AX1800

Hi everyone,

I would like to have a setup, where the ethernet cable from the optic-cable converter box goes into the WAN port of the Orange Pi, and out of the second Orange Pi port goes an ethernet cable into the TP-Link AX1800, which will provide wireless coverage in AP mode.

I have trouble setting up OpenWRT with the info from my provider - I have a static IP, gateway and primary DNS which I have to use, in order to successfully connect to the internet.

There are two ethernet ports on the Orange Pi, let's call them B9 (LAN) & BA (WAN). In order to be able to access OpenWRT, I have connected the Orange Pi from its LAN port to the routers LAN port.

Can anyone please help me set up the interfaces, so I can use the Orange Pi as a router with OpenWRT? Thanks in advance.

your WAN says DHCP client, so that's wrong ... change protocol to static IP.

if I change that, do I need to have another interface with a DHCP client? what about LAN? it's set up as a bridge as I understand.

I am looking to get a complete picture of the setup, as I described above - once I change the network interfaces and it does not work, I have to reformat the SD card of the Orange Pi, etc.

but that's a good first step with the WAN port, thanks.

not if you're supposed to have a static IP from your ISP.

LAN should work, assuming you haven't disabled the DHCP.

try connecting something directly to the Pi, bypassing the AX1800.

LAN will work no matter what, but if it's misconfigured (like it is now) you'll lose internet access.

Once I changed the interface to Static IP I lost the connection to the Pi.

I need to have two interfaces:

eth0 - the WAN port - ends with B9 - should have static IP from ISP and connects me to the internet
eth1 - the LAN port - ends with BA - not sure about settings, will connect Pi w/ wireless router in AP mode.

but I am unsure, whether I need the br-lan interface from the first picture, nor what it does. Do I need any more interfaces?

these are the two ports shown in Devices

WAN interface, I hope, and you shouldn't.

that's what your initial screen shot shows too.

br-lan should always be there.

where does the Devices screen shot come from ?

Yes, the WAN interface, and I did. It does not even appear in connected devices in the TP-Link router UI after changing it to static IP.

On another note - the primary DNS from the ISP goes into Edit (network interface) - Advanced Settings - Use custom DNS servers, right?

it comes from Network - Interfaces & tab Devices

you don't really need it for the router, only for the clients.
IP and GW should be enough.

something weird though, it should look something like this.

the Orange Pi R1 Plus has two ethernet ports:

  • 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet (RTL8211E)
  • 10M/100M/1000M USB Ethernet (RTL8153B)

so does mine.... most routers do.