Static IP for home network question

Hello Everyone,
I just switched over to OpenWRT from the default linksys router MR8300. I had static IP setup in my old configuration based on the mac address and after several years of new devices and such there were lots of gaps in the IP addresses from one device to another. My question is, with 30ish devices in my house with my family from chromecasts, to cellphones, tablets and cameras and me trying to manage them all with being able to remote into those devices (the ones i can like PC), is this still a good way to manage a home network like that, static assign IP address from the router based on mac address?

I do it this way to make it easier for me to go to 1 location to manage IP addresses vs static assign on every single device, this way when they take a laptop or something to another location/network they still have dhcp setup and auto join whatever network they connect to.

I was keeping an excel document with all of that info and managed to lose it when I lost my external drive, is there a plugin (software) that would be handy for me to look into?


DNS is your friend. Ideally who cares about the IP numbers. Particularly for ipv6

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For home network which is small your approach works. All you have to do is to backup a few configuration files and in your case just one file /etc/config/dhcp

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