Static DHCP Lease Names

Is there anyway to add a description to the DHCP static leases so that I can remember what each IP address is for?


That would be a real help. I missed that feature, too.

You can define the hostname as part of setting static DHCP leases.


I found this thread because I have the same requirement.
Any guidance what changes would be needed to have this feature?
I assume in /etc/config/dhcp I can have e.g. "option description 'my device description'" in the file and would need to have the changes for the UI?

If you edit the file directly and do not use luci why not just add a comment with # free text going here?

I am using luci and would like to have it in the UI for the future.
And my goal would be to have an updated static dhcp list which is e.g. grouping the leases by subnets/networ interfaces etc too :slight_smile: