State of TP-Link Archer C7v2|v5 in 2023

Do you know the relevance of LDPC=off in the v22 era? The problem thread hasn't been bumped in over a year. I know it's still in the top post in this thread, but I can't tell when it was last edited (it was created two years ago).

I'm just wondering how I've escaped the 2.4GHz problem on c7v2, since this is the first time I've noticed mention of LDPC.


My 2.4 issue is solved with ldcp off

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When did you enable it though?

config wifi-device 'radio1'
        option type 'mac80211'
        option hwmode '11g'
        option path 'platform/ahb/18100000.wmac'
        option htmode 'HT20'
        option country 'FR'
        option cell_density '0'
        option ldpc '0'
        option log_level '1'
        option channel '1'

via ssh only, the option is not on luci

I put this option few month ago, and 2.4 Ghz has no longer die

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I have had the problem disappear some time back, without any LDPC setting. On my v3 (US, not Taiwan) which is only sllightly different than a v2, and I use the v2 OWT version on... I never saw a LDPC setting and attempting turing it off resulted in an error, IIRC.

For me, many of the abovementioned fixes (mem changes, resetting the router every day, etc) at first didn't help that much, then the problem disappeared about 3-4 or more versions back. Haven't had a 2.4ghz freezup for at least 6mo... YMMV...

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I seem to be getting frequent disconnections or timeouts on 5Ghz. Using OpenWrt 22.03.5. Anyone else having similar issues by any chance?

Maybe disable gtk rekey?

Will this memory script ( ) work for Archer A7v5?

I don't know, made it for c7. You may carefully try, backup your config first!

Maybe phyX has another index.

I jumped the gun and thought I'd try the latest 23.05.0 RC2 firmware - so far, no disconnections, and haven't needed to touch the config. Will update again if I have any more issues.


Update: disconnected in the middle of a call today. It's definitely better than before, but something still isn't right. I'll see if a daily reboot helps.

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I currently try ath10k-ct-full-htt

I have found on our remote site we don't have any disconnection on ath9k
The remote site has 5ghz shutdown and don't use ath10k
So ath9k crash is caused by ath10k, I don't know why

Full-htt seems to be ok, we have an uptime of 6 days now without crash

Can you elaborate what you mean by this?

Either way, the dropouts are frequent and annoying enough that I will be swapping out my Archer C7, Wi-Fi cannot be trusted on recent versions of Openwrt, very sad that such a legendary router is no longer usable.

Interesting that I'm still having pretty solid behavior in the months I've been running 22.03.5. All the issues I've had were with the 22.0x.x-rc days, and pretty much went away long ago. There was a video game player in the house, that changed to different games, and was playing less, in the beginning of that time frame. There were more issues back in those days. I can't really say if certain traffic causes issues, and other kinds never do?

My C7 is serving as the single dumb AP, for what was a household of 3 people.

FWIW, I'm planning on waiting a few more days, then trying 23.05.0-rc3 on both the C7 and the x86 router. Anything of note I'll reply here...

19.07 series was the best on this router
I don't know why 22.03 is difficult

Today I have a good wifi, but not for gaming, I still have some ping spike
So I don't have any crash with ath10k-ct-full-htt, ath9k is stable with Catfriend1 tweaks

Today it is good uptime without kernel crash

root@AP68-1:~# uptime
 10:54:30 up 5 days, 14:44,  load average: 0.08, 0.04, 0.05

My C7v2 is rock solid on 2.4ghz with 23.05. No issues.

Hi, I'm wondering how stable Archer C7 v2 with OpenWRT is as a Wi-Fi router.

I have a 200 Mbit connection at home, and I recently purchased a bricked C7 v2 for pennies, which I unbricked the same evening by properly flashing latest OpenWRT 22.03 on it.

I later found out that, just like other routers I had before it, this one is not perfect, as it tends to drop wireless clients. However, while I did initially see a manifestation of this problem in the logs, I didn't really feel the consequences of it, and these entries stopped appearing soon after. But a bit later, I started experiencing some intermittent connectivity issues which I didn't have with my previous routers. E.g., sometimes, a page will take longer than usual to load, or a VirtualBox VM I'm tinkering with will lose Internet connectivity (at least partially), and stuff like that. I was wondering if this is common for this router, or something specific to my case/config (which is pretty much the default).

I tried replacing the -ct firmware and drivers with their non-ct variants, as suggested in the topmost post here, adding the memory limit fix to rc.local and disabling LDPC, but I'm not sure if any of these actions had any positive effect. I don't feel like they did.

Also, I ran the bufferbloat test multiple times, and the grades I get on subsequent runs are rather inconsistent, jumping anywhere between A and C (I think?). I normally wouldn't care much about it, but I thought maybe it's related to the occasional lag I'm experiencing. Or is this all because of the unsupported hardware NAT perhaps?

So, all in all, I'm now wondering if I should just re-flash factory firmware and sell the device off, or if it actually has enough juice to perform well as the only Wi-Fi router in a small home on a 200Mbit connection. For now, I've reset it to OpenWRT defaults again, and only made minimal adjustments (enabled Wi-Fi, set the root password, enabled nightly reboot, installed Attended Sysupgrade and upgraded the few packages that had newer versions) to check once again how it works with OpenWRT out of the box.

By the way, why are there two DevDB pages dedicated to C7 (here and here)? Shouldn't they be merged?

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The more you mess around with packages and settings, the more rabbit holes you'll find.

I've heard about various problems on this platform. I have a few of these devices, one at home. For me, it has been THE SHIT for several years and has served me faithfully. Incidentally, in terms of download statistics, this device is one of THE MOST popular ever on openwrt. Today topped only by some xiaomi e-garbage :smile: So given the sheer amount of them out there, it is not impossible that a few of them are twitchy. Mine have been great. And given all of this Wifi6, 6E 7, 8, it's all mental masturbation, 5GHz on this has been enough - for me.

It's worth looking at what devices connect to it via wifi - I have had virtually no problems with iphones or android. Just run vanilla settings, and 5G wifi is great.

I run most workstations wired to my router. The only devices on wifi are basically mobile phones. So my demands are not that great.

If you're going to saturate your 200mbits link and run 200 wifi clients and VPNs, start looking for a multi-core or multi-cpu platform, already on DSA and with offloading working. If you are just bridging packets to wifi, this device can serve you well for a few years yet, provided it's not a twitchy one.

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Thanks for your response!

I don't think I have high demands, but they probably aren't minimal either. I'm not a gamer/streamer/leacher/whatev, BUT we do use the Internet for video/audio calls, use remote desktop, and watch the content from Netflix or other streaming services in the evenings.

However, I do prefer to connect all my devices wirelessly. There's typically less than 10 of them in total: couple phones, a tablet, a connected speaker, a vacuum robot, and a few computers. Like I said, my link is 200 Mbit only, and it's just because I don't really need more. I do want my Internet connection to work reliably and without glitches though. :slight_smile:

…and that's pretty much the most the archer c7 can do at most (without enabling software flow-offloading), probably already quite choppy.