Stat-genconfig force write in a paticular order for a plugin

hi there - is there a way to tell stat-genconfig to write in a particular order when it creates a plug in section-- it seams to write all over the place
for the snmp modbus curl_json and other that request data from another section of the plugin they do not work 100% because they are written all over the place..
it would be livable if say data one entry stay in order with host one. and data2 stayed in order with host two etc .. as it is data one is with host two data 2 would be with host 3 and data 3 would be with host one . even if I reorganize stat-genconfig after i write it with the interface it still all over the place.. but say i want to put all the host to bottom of the load plugin and all the data to top - i have to put one data on top 3 host in the middle and the remaining data at the bottom.. and trying to get them in order data/host, data/host, data/host is a nightmare..

also there some strange bug when saving a decimal value . if the value need to be unquoted decimal ie gps timeout 0.015 if i use decimal it places it in quotes but if as integer it writes it unquotes