Stable wifi router hardware recommendation for OpenWrt?

I am looking for something I could use 24/7 without issues. For performance requirements: I have 100/100 fiber connection and would like to use dns over tls (this probably doesn't load the device, but for some reason I've had bad experience with Ubiquiti). The wiki lists a lot of supported models, but I suppose not all are rock solid.

your budget till max?

Probably up to 100€. I can go more if there's a big difference in some aspect.

if you want to read this topic :

i buy yesterday ea8300, after 2 or 3 week search because, no négative feedback and openwrt good support

Fritzbox 4040.

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I had the same question, searched a lot, and decided to buy the TP link Archer C7 v5
6 months ago.

Still running solid !

I installed some plugins like watchcat wich automatically reboots the device if it can't ping the internet ( or something)
oh and the device automatically reboots each night at 5am (Cron)

I never had to reboot manually for the last 6 months. 2 adults and 2 teenagers in the 2-story house. lots of devices. solid coverage.

I don't know if watchcat rebooted the router for the last 6 months, but i'm sure i didn't

list of plugins isntalled :
luci-ssl, luci-app-adblock , luci-app-sqm, luci-proto-ppp, luci-app-watchcat, openssh-sftp-server,luci-app-watchcat,htop,nano

let me know if you want the full configuration

it just works !

If it is running solid, why do you need to reboot it daily?

i do this cron job on all routers I manage. saves a lot of headache.

I used to manage hundreds of routers offering public wifi in Montreal.