Stable mid range routers in Europe?

I need some rock solid solutions. Xiaomi AX3000T is great, but no guarantees on it's stability and it is still a snapshot. Belkin RT3200 is not available in the EU anymore as I can see, but if someone got a link, please share it. Mercusys MR90X is actually readily available to me, but people are having complaints of random drops and other issues, so I do not want that.

I currently have a Flint (first model), but there is no openwrt image for it, and maybe there won't be, but I also have similar issues as the Mercusys I mentioned, there are random drops that require restart of the router for the internet to come back, weird that it happens once in a while, but when it does, the issues persists for weeks.

Apartment is 500 sqft, not sure if Glinet MT3000, which is a travel router, will do the job and if it is stable.

What's your ISP provided speeds? Do you need to wireguard/openvpn/agh or SQM? Gonna need a lot more details.

300/150 Mbps. AGH, good to have not a must. Same for SQM, but lesser priority than AGH.
filogic is best
ipq needs proprietary offload drivers
7621 has slow CPU, so no QoS at reasonably fast rates.
2.5G/10G and USB ports to your preference, USB2 -> printer, storage, pi zero, 4G modem USB3 -> also 5G
Quite hard to find square feet in europe though, europeans tend to have them slightly elongated.


50 sqm, sorry!

What about the mentioned MT3000, that one is: MT7981B

MT3000 will work fine, its form those performant filogic series.
One may want more ethernet LAN ports.
50m^2 means 10m diagonal, you can even hide router inside the electric distribution board.

If you don't mind using snapshots until next sub release is out, there's the Cudy TR3000, using the same SoC as the MT3000, (in DE) it's roughly half the price of the MT3000.