Stable 21.02.0 and sensors plugin for luci-statistics problem

Hi all,

i have just updated my Linksys WRT3200ACM to 21.02.0. Lost my config so i had to configure my device from scratch.

Anyway... on 19.07.8 everything was fine but on 21.02.0 when try to configure sensors plugin via in luci-statistics section i get " NotFoundError Executable not found" error.

However plugin works fine and it shows graphs. The problem is that on graphs there are some "sensors" which always report value 57.0:

Anyone know how to fix the problem or how add to config file exclusion of those "fake" sensors?

Install the lm-sensors package.

(collectd only has dependency for libsensors, but the LuCI statistics GUI needs also the lm-sensors executable for the sensor configuration part).

That helped. You knowledge is unbelievaable man. Thanks a lot.

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It has been a bit annoying for the last few years that LuCI menu config dialog options needs slightly different thing that is needed for the underlying collectd itself.

As I expect that the issue may surface also for other along the 21.02 release bump, I fixed it permanently by expanding the collectd dependencies with

and for 21.02

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