Ssmtp on OpenWRT 21.02

OpenWRT stopped ssmtp since 21.02. This results in an problem with memory, msmtp is not really an alternative to it.

I have the same problem like emilt in Ssmtp for 21.02, already installed openssl for uhttpd and not enough memory to install msmtp and its dependencies.

I think ssmtp is therefore a very important package, even if it is abandoned.

Edit: It seems that ssmtp is being developed further after all: []

Has anyone an idea what to do ?

Since 03/2019 ssmtp has no active debian maintainer and has been marked as "orphan" (see for reference. The last changes are only non-maintainer uploads.

If you need the package so badly, become active yourself and take over the maintenance of the package.

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general: maintainer: [Debian QA Group]

Since 03/2019 the version of ssmtp was developed from 2.64-8 to 2.64-10

You could just patch OpenSSL back in for msmtp.