Ssmtp for 21.02

I am missing package ssmtp in 21.02, at least for mips24kc. Is this intentional? For the record, the package from 19.07.8 installs OK.

If I understand correctly, the suggestion is to use msmtp instead.

The problem with msmtp is that it requires libgnutls, while ssmtp works with openssl.

I already have wolfssl by default for uhttpd/luci, openssl for openvpn and openssh-sftp-server, and I need to install a third TLS library (another ~1.3MB with dependencies). On a router. Just to send secure emails.

Is there a way to ask the project to re-consider the decision to remove ssmtp?

work-'ed' abandoned usually means no maintainer or the mainstream source repo got stale and or incompatible...

if it's no maintainer then resurrection is dependant on someone with the requisite skill and time stepping up... i'm guessing this would have more to do with the latter... in this case you may also need to suggest a contemporary alternative...

Well, it still works, it is in 19.07 and unless there are security or other serious problems that haven't been addressed, it shouldn't matter that it has not been updated since December 2013 (I checked that on GitHub).

Anyway, since to remove it from the latest version is a deliberate decision that is not likely to be reverted, I'll have to live with it. I hoped it was an accidental omission :slight_smile:

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