(internet)--[pfsense firewall] ---(trunk-link)----[cisco switch]----(trunk-link)---[openwrt]---(ssid per VLAN)

This is what I would like to setup on a GL-AR-750s. The switch and the router are working over a 802.1q trunk. I have been trying to configure this on the GL and I am at a loss at this point. The GL-AR-750s has eth0, eth0.1, eth0.2 and br-lan by default. The IP interfaces are LAN, WAN and WAN6.

It has a these physical ports: WAN port and two LAN ports, wireless 2.4 and 5g

Anything to help me get started would be awesome, please.


it is look like you want OpenWRT to be only "dumb AP"
there is a Wiki:

you could also search forum for Dumb AP and VLANs